Wood Fired Kiln

I built this kiln based on plans I found on the internet at:

www.mudslinger.me.uk (look under "Firing Courses") and

I talked with Steve Mills who gave me advice on how to do it right. I got the bricks for free by running an ad on a local web site classified ad service. One place gave me about 15 pallets of bricks and blocks. I made a flat bed of sand to build upon. My kids and I dug some clay out of the field and washed and sifted it many times to get the fine clay. It wasn't bad clay but not really all that elastic. I fired it anyway for a test to see how hot we could get. For fuel I use shipping pallets that I received for free from another "wanted" ad. Two trailer loads! The first burn reached cone 02 in about 7 hours. A local professional potter gave me a set of cones for my testing. I plan to return to buy clay/glazes from him. Look how hot those bricks got! I think I could go higher but it was a cool very windy fall day. This summer I will try again with some good clay and glazes. Look for a new project soon to make a throwing wheel!!

The gartside link apparently no longer works. You'll have to search google for "wood fired kiln" for more info.




Just a thought, you could

Just a thought, you could make your own fire bricks in your low fire kiln out of backyard clay and straw which will burn up in the firing leaving your bricks more porous and insulating. It isn't as good as bought brick but it is better than nothing.

I need the info too. I

I need the info too. I can't get the link to work that has the plans

hey - this looks fantastic -

hey - this looks fantastic - do you have any samples of pottery you've fired in it?

No I don't. The only things

No I don't. The only things I've fired in it so far are items that my kids and I have made from the clay in the back yard. I'm trying to get a wheel so my kids can really have some fun!

The structure is very

The structure is very similar to these Building wood fired pizza ovens..... in the house appearance sense. cheers!

I would not try to fire that

I would not try to fire that kiln too much hotter because the brick you have obtained are low fire bricks. (earthen ware and at high temps these bricks will melt and may cause serious ingury. If you want to fire hotter, use bricks that are called fire bricks. Good Luck and be safe.

I am aware they are not fire

I am aware they are not fire bricks and yes I am careful with it.

just out of curiosity. how

just out of curiosity. how do you run an ad and end up with 15 pallets of free bricks?

I really did! They were all

I really did! They were all leftovers from a place that builds apartments. There were maybe 6-7 different styles of bricks but nowhere near enough of one type to build an apartment with.

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Almost forgot - if you

Almost forgot - if you could, send me an e-mail at:

pmhuff [at] gmail.com


Howdy - I'm interested in

Howdy -

I'm interested in building something similar, but I'm having a hard time reading the diagram in the link second link you listed and the first link you listed isn't working. Do you have a more detailed plan that I could use for construction? Even a hand drawn diagram would be helpful.


Hopland, CA