Wood Fired Kiln

I built this kiln based on plans I found on the internet at:

www.mudslinger.me.uk (look under "Firing Courses") and

I talked with Steve Mills who gave me advice on how to do it right. I got the bricks for free by running an ad on a local web site classified ad service. One place gave me about 15 pallets of bricks and blocks. I made a flat bed of sand to build upon. My kids and I dug some clay out of the field and washed and sifted it many times to get the fine clay. It wasn't bad clay but not really all that elastic. I fired it anyway for a test to see how hot we could get. For fuel I use shipping pallets that I received for free from another "wanted" ad. Two trailer loads! The first burn reached cone 02 in about 7 hours. A local professional potter gave me a set of cones for my testing. I plan to return to buy clay/glazes from him. Look how hot those bricks got! I think I could go higher but it was a cool very windy fall day. This summer I will try again with some good clay and glazes. Look for a new project soon to make a throwing wheel!!

The gartside link apparently no longer works. You'll have to search google for "wood fired kiln" for more info.