Fire Baked Cornbread

Today I went in our field after it was picked and gathered excess corn.I had a pocketful of corn and I didn't know what to do with it.Then I took a stone and a piece of wood and started to grind it.Th

EVH Demo Derby Car

Pics of my 1983 Chevy Cavalier from the 2006 Wood County Fair (Ohio). I bought the car in 1987 for $400 with a blown engine. I replaced the engine and drove it till 1999.

Broken Chair

Picture of broken chair.

2009 Cannondale F7

Bought this last week. Love it! I replaced the stock tires with Bontrager 2.2 Hanks. The LBS tried to talk me out of them but I think they're great!

Bluecherry PV-183 with heatsinks

I noticed my PV-183 878 chips get very hot so I started looking for some heatsinks.

ROPS Folding light bar

I wanted some lights up high on my ROPS but they could caused a problem mowing under trees. I decided to build a folding light bar. This light bar has two forward and two rearward facing lights.

Hydraulic Press

This press was built entirely out of scrap with the exception of the springs and the bottle jack.
I used my Turnpro 7x12 bandsaw and Miller 210.

3 point turfgrass sprayer

I built this sprayer in 2002 (I think) out of 2" square tubing that I bought to build a squat rack. I still plan to do the squat rack some day!

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